Instructor: Margaret Reilly

Capstone Title


Can Triage Self-Efficacy be Improved in Emergency Department Nurses using Virtual Simulation as opposed to Traditional Triage Learning Methods?Nawana Viechweg
Enhancing the Use of Telemedicine at a Correctional Facility to Improve OutcomesBraulio Guallpa
Improving Door to CT Scan Time in Patients arriving in the ED with Signs and Symptoms of a StrokeKaitlin Krause
Improving Patient Education Delivery in a Women's Health PracticeAllison Mandich
Improving Patients' Hand Sanitizing in the Covid- 19 Vaccination SiteNatallia Kasmachova
Improving Peripheral IV Management in the Acute-Care SettingLisamarie Grosso
Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Nurse-to-Nurse Communication during Patient Hand-off on Women's Health Inpatient UnitTamara Leurbourg
Nursing Burnout Interventions on a Medical-Surgical UnitTyisha Poux