Instructor: Irene Pearlman

Capstone Title


Business Plan of Improve Charles B Wang Community Health Center Pediatric Patients’ Hand Hygiene Behavior via EducationXue Xu
Business Plan to Reduce Patient FallsMaryia Samus
Childhood ImmunizationYang Li
Combating High Attrition Rates of Nurses in Long-Term Care FacilitiesFazila Colon
Decrease Pressure Injuries in Nursing HomesJun Wang
Decreasing CAUTI by Nursing Education of Infection Control PracticesLhakpa Gurung
Dehydration/HydrationKhadine Ismael
Enhancing the Health Knowledge on Hypertension among Older PopulationTenzin Norbu
Implementation of a Health Care Diary to Increase Communication of Important Issues between the Patient and Nurse or ProviderJustine Castro
Improving Blood Glucose Levels in Patients with Diabetes by Promoting Educational and Compliance MethodsCharles Pantina
Improving NURSE Retention in HospitalsRoberto Escobar
Improving Patient SatisfactionSueda Nurja
Increase Patients Receiving Office Based Addiction Treatment in Primary CareSandi Law
Plan to Reduce Central Line Associated Infections in Dialysis Patients by Expanding Patient Education on Central Venous Cathether CareDennis Anderson
Reducing Alarm Fatigue by Education Regarding Necessary vs. Unecessary AlarmsJazmin Ramirez
Reducing Restraint and Seclusion in a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit Utilizing ipad Privledge Reward SystemNgawang Chokey
Reducing Violence on The Inpatient Child and Adolescent Units by Implementing A Program of Staff and Patient ReassignmentNabina Khanal
Sensitivity Training of Medical StaffStefan Basti