Instructor: Grace Marin

Capstone Title


Code Cart IntiativeAllison DiMarco
Discharge Plan to Prevent Re-Hospitalization on a Child and Adolescent Psych UnitRuth Fakayode
Educating Non-Oncology Nurses on Pain Management in Cancer PatientsAlexandra Cabral
Educating SICU Staff Nurses about Palliative Care & Their Role and Responsibilities when caring for a Palliative Care PatientKerry Williams
Education Plan for Stress Management in Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing StaffThien Nguyen
Fall Risk Assessment in ERKevin Nickla
Improve Compliance in Post-Procedure Follow Up Appointments (Post Transcatheter Heart Valve Procedures)Loren Bravo
Incorporation of Guided Imagery Technique as a Complementary Approach to Traditional Pharmacological Pain Management In Post- Bariatric Surgery PatientUrszula Jakubowska
Increasing Seniors' Knowledge of Hypertension ManagementChinwe Onodu
Infection Prevention in Outpatient Dialysis CenterLovely Reyes
Initiative to Increase Breastfeeding Initiation and Exclusivity RatesPaola Carrillo
Lab Mislabeling Errors in Family Medicine & COVID HotelTania Carchipulla
Maintaining Safety in a Psychiatric UnitOkwuchukwu Udemba
Noise Reduction in PP & NICUErica Delmonte
Nurse Bedside Shift Reporting to Increase Patient SafetyJasmine Brinson
Prevent UTI in Skilled Nursing FacilityKunsang Norkyl
Reduce Attrition Rate by Improving Onboarding Process of MHTAs and RNs in Mental Health FacilityCajetan Ginti
Reduce Restraints/Seclusion with Music Intervention at Bellevue Hospital on Psychiatric Unit 20 WestLisa Sullivan
Safe Hand-off in Ambulatory Surgery CenterBrian McMahon
Stagg Education on the NICU: To Reduce Unplanned ExtubationTenzin Yeshey