Congratulations to our Graduating Nurses!

Congratulations to the Nursing Graduating Class of 2021!!

Audrey Scott


Jacqueline Lindsay

Congratulations to All!

Joanne Lavin

Warm congratulations on your achievement in this very difficult time.

George Otte

Congratulations everyone on this great achievement!

Anne Simmons

Congratulations Class of 2021
A special congratulations to Ms. Erica M. John. To say l am proud of you is an understatement on getting your Masters in a field that you love and respect.  I Love You Bestfriend!

Donyale Harris

Congratulations Mommy!! 

Gabby Gayle

Congratulations Erica John! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! Love you!

Jennifer Glenn

Congratulations to all Nursing graduates and I wish you great success!!!!

Sharon Shockness

Congrats Everyone!

Anusha Subedi

YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations #CUNYSPSnursing CLASS OF 2021!!!

Czarina Valente


Taysia, GV, Grandma Telly, Gio

Congratulations to all the graduates!!!

Eileene Shake

Congratulations graduates.  You made it.

Nadege Belhomme

All the best on your successful journeys!

Barbara Cohen

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

Jocelyn D'Antonio


Seretta Boyette

Dear Gabrielle, Congratulations! Your hard work has made the time go by quickly. With all of our love, and admiration.

Maria and Cemal Akcelik

Congratulations to all the SPS Nurses!
Wishing you success and happiness as you advance in your nursing career!

Bernadette Amicucci

Best wishes for health, happiness, and success in your nursing career!

Patricia Bartley Daniele

Congratulations, Gemma Rapsing! We love you and are proud of all you’ve accomplished!

Imelda Breedlove

Congratulations Erica, We love you and are very proud of you. "YOU ROCK"! 

Aunt Mel and Nana

Congratulations, graduates!

Kathy Cervasio

Congratulations to the MSN class of 2021. We did it!!

Alanda Charles-Sam

Congratulations to all of our nurses! You all are true treasures.

Leah Chajeczkis

Here’s to your success! May each of you have the brightest of futures.

Barbara Cohen

Congratulation on completing your degree during a time in which most would have given up but you stuck to it and you did!!!

Natasha Davilar

Congratulations and Best Wishes for a wonderful future in your career!

Jocelyn D'Antonio

You have served and strived and succeeded - the sky is the limit!  Congratulations!

Shannon Gallo

Congratulations class of 2021. Well done.

Sandria Dougall-Smith

You did it! You are all excellent professionals!!!

Yuliya Gaidai

Congratulations to all graduates on a job well done.

Kathleen Garraway

Congratulations on your achievement.

Gail Gongaware

Congratulations and best wishes to all my fellow CUNY SPS nursing students!

Lisamarie Grosso

Congratulations on your great achievements! Wishing you much success, good health and safety on the road ahead!

Unn Hidle

You are my heroes and champions! Keep fighting the good fight with the sun on your faces.

Michael Iadarola

Congratulations to all the graduates!

Christina Jaquez

To each Nurse: you are a special hero!

Tom Jennings

Well done graduates.  I am so proud of all of your achievements.

Karen Koziol

Per Aspera Ad Astra ... Congratulations on this milestone.

Al Johnson

Congratulations CUNY SPS 2021 graduates, your hard work has paid off!  We did it!

Erica John

Congratulations to myself and my fellow class of 2021!

Husseina Iddriss

Congratulations Graduates and good luck with your future endeavors! Your hard works pay off!

Anne Marie Leveille-Tulce

Congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates! I wish everyone the best in all of their future endeavors!!

Tamra Leurbourg

Congratulations Gemma

Myrna Macapagat

Congratulations! to the class of 2021. You did it!!!!

Lilly Mathew

Congratulations, Nursing Graduates!

Kate Moss

We are just so incredibly proud of you and of the impact you will have on the City and the world! Sending all of my best wishes!

Jan Oosting Kaminsky

Congratulations graduate, I wish you all the best on your next nursing chapter!

Tamara Nelson

Congratulations to the Class of 2021. And THANK YOU for the great journey you are embarking on to help others. You truly are ANGELS!

Alexis Rodriguez

You did it! Congratulations, nurses!

Gemma Rapsing

Congratulations class of 2021!!! We did it!!!!

Mareena Philip

Wishing you professional and personal success as you live your best life!!

Linda Paradiso

Congratulations Nurses, the Best is Yet to come!

Kathleen Romero

Congratulations Nursing Graduates!

Margaret Reilly

¡Felicilaciones a todos!

Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles

Congratulations to all of the graduating students and especially to the MS students in Organizational Leadership!

Eileene Shake

Congratulations from the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Institute of Worker Education at CUNY SPS!

Carrie Shockley

Congratulations!!! It's been an honor to be part of your journey and to witness your amazing accomplishments!!!

Sarah Wagner

Congrats - go change the world!

Keith Weiner

Proud of you GEMMA!

Kenneth Watson

Congratulation Graduates for making it through these rough times.

Janette Turner

So proud of you boogz!!! 

Your drive, determination, passion, and resilience are an inspiration to us all. 💪🏻👩🏽‍⚕️

Love you! 💐😘

Jeremy Watson

Congratulation to all the Nurse graduates of 2021. Good luck in the future. 

Anusha Subedi

Congratulations, Gemma Rapsing!! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! We love you so much!!

Glenda Terrell

Congratulations to all our graduating nurses! We are so proud of you!

Ariana Souzis