Instructor: Eileene Shake

Practicum Title


Communication and Relationship Competencies During Patient’s HandoffsOlajumoke Oyeleye
Continuous Observation ReductionKevin O'Neill
COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Services Business PlanErica John
Developing New Guidelines for Workflow Policy and Guidelines for Educating Ambulatory Care Clinic Staff on New Policy Guidelines.Michelle Aguilar-Rosario
Expanding Simulation Room to a Full Simulation Center Problem: Limited access to clinical experience as well as learning opportunities in nursing programsJanette Turner
Improving Throughput in the Emergency Department using Non-Verbal Electronic SBARAlanda Charles-Sam
Nurse Administration and Documentation of ControlledSubstances at Point of Care for Pediatric Home Health NursingCharity Umar
Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI).Motilal Dass
The Impact of Nurse Managers’ Interventions to Provide a Supportive Work Environment on Nurses’ Job Satisfaction and Nurse RetentionAndrea Botar
The Implementation of Professional Interrupter Services and Guidelines to Prevent Falls in the Pediatric Setting. Sujel Fernandez