The Impact of Connecting and Mentoring Marginalized Faculty in Academia
Date & Time
Thursday, March 30, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Non-marginalized faculty within higher education have long benefited from informal knowledge networks and mentorships that are often inaccessible to marginalized faculty. Without such networking and mentoring opportunities, marginalized faculty often can not understand the expectations of tenure and promotion committees, advance their careers, or band together to fight against injustices. Fortunately, there is a growing network of marginalized academics who are able to create new networks and mentorship programs to support marginalized junior faculty. In this presentation, four marginalized CUNY academics (including two junior academics) speak on the critical impact that accessing knowledge and mentors has had on their career and on their ability to overcome obstacles related to being first-generation academics, revise cultural barriers towards asking and accepting help, balance parenthood with academia, and garner senior faculty supporters. Finally, they share insider secrets on how to attain tenure and promotion as a marginalized junior faculty member.

Location Name
C202 (C-Level)
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