Full Name
Midori Yamamura
Job Title
Assc Professor
Kingsborough CC
Speaker Bio
Dr. Midori Yamamura (she/her) is an Associate Professor of Art History at Kingsborough, CUNY, specializing in global contemporary art history focusing on Asia and its diaspora. She is the author of Yayoi Kusama: Inventing the Singular (MIT Press: 2015) and a co-editor of Visual Representation and the Cold War: Art and Postcolonial Struggles in East and Southeast Asia (Routledge, 2021). As a feminist art historian of color, her interest is in exploring the ideas that emerge in marginal spaces in society. In the spring of 2022, Dr. Yamamura co-organized a community-based pedagogical exhibition, UnHomeless NYC, with a multi-disciplinary group of scholars and housing activists. Her current book project, Japanese Contemporary Art Since 1989: Emergence of the Local in the Age of Globalization, examines the impact of technocracy on art in a neoliberal society and the new ideas that emerged in the spaces devastated by the globally homogenous value system.