Full Name
Emily Berry
Job Title
Assc Professor
Queensborough CC
Speaker Bio
Emily Berry is the Founding Director and a co-creator of B3W Performance Group, a social impact arts organization committed to collaboration, reflecting and revealing the world we live in through community-building workshops and multi-disciplinary performances. B3W has performed throughout NYC. Most recent projects include: Forgiveness: Part I: Forgiving the Personal, influenced by a world tour of Community Forgiveness Workshops, premiered at Tribeca PAC May 2016. Part II: Reframing Forgiveness: For Practical Use in Dismantling Systemic Racism premiered in February 2020. Part III: Forgiveness: Allowing Joy to Reside premiered in June 2022. Emily is currently performing with danceTactics Performance Group/Keith A. Thompson. Emily has performed in Mexico, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Japan, and Scotland. Most recently, she was a keynote speaker at the international Laban/Bartennieff Conference in Brazil. She is an Associate Professor of dance at Queensborough Community College. www.b3w.org