Full Name
Florette Cohen
Job Title
Assc Professor
College of Staten Island
Speaker Bio
Florette Cohen is an associate professor at CUNY’s College of Staten Island. Florette’s research demonstrates that people who are reminded of their own death (mortality salience) respond by reaffirming their core values and beliefs, making their expressions of these more intense or more extreme. Florette’s most current research examines the psychological underpinnings of prejudice and ethnic discord in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the Modern Anti-Semitism-Israel model (MASIM; Cohen et. al, 2011), designed based on a juxtaposition of Terror Management Theory and Modern Prejudice Theory. Along with colleagues Steven Baum, Steven Jacobs and Neil Kressel she edited and published a book entitled “Antisemitism in North America: Theory, Research and Methodology” (2016) highlighting research in the field of Modern anti-Semitism with three chapters highlighting her research in particular. In 2018 she organized and chaired the psychology panel in Vienna’s “An End to Anti-Semitism Conference.”