Full Name
Stephen Cerulli
Job Title
Hostos Community College
Speaker Bio
Stephen J. Cerulli is a Ph.D. candidate in modern history at Fordham University. He holds an MA, in Liberal studies with a concentration in American studies, from the Graduate Center, CUNY, and a BA, in history, from the University of Connecticut. He has taught at Hostos Community College, CUNY, since 2018. He is a College Assistant at The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Queens College/CUNY. Stephen specializes in the history and culture of the Italian diaspora, especially in North America, and in the role, that Christopher Columbus plays in Italian diasporic discourse and identity. He has been published in and invited to speak on: The Italian American Podcast, La Voce Di New York, Pumarol, Growing Up Italian, Contro Colombo, and the Italian Enclaves Historical Society, among others, on topics ranging from Italian American studies, Italian American identity and history, and on the linking of Italian Americans to Christopher Columbus.