In Plain Sight: Trials and Triumphs of Building Black Studies Departments at CUNY
Date & Time
Friday, March 31, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Shelly Eversley

It is often said when America catches a cold the Black community catches the flu. The COVID-1p pandemic sent this adage into overdrive for students and Black Studies chairpersons, alike. Historical issues of Black student access and resource deprovation were both multiplied and magnified during the pandemic. The ongoing struggle of chairpersons and directors of Black Studies programs to staff courses, remedy access issues, provide progreamming and support mechanisms for students from multiple disciplines while balancing ever shrinking resources also became amplified as Covid shut the world down and Black Studies strove to maintain spaces of intellectural haven for students and faculty alike. This interactive panel will discuss the challenges that leaders of Black campus communites faced before, during, and after the pandemic; demonstrate the ways they continue to address those challenges; and posit insights on strategiies for the future of Black Studies.

Location Name
C197 (C-Level)
Full Address
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
Between 34th and 35th Streets
New York, NY 10016
United States
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