Fostering Student Advocacy in the Classroom: Empowering Students to Explore What It Means to Belong in Higher Education
Date & Time
Thursday, March 30, 2023, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

For a number of years, faculty and staff in the Department of Social Work at Lehman College attempted individually and collectively to make our curriculum and culture more inclusive, responsive to and representative of our study body, and anti-racist. However, it took a groundswell from students to effectuate systemic change. In this panel, we describe a movement led by students that resulted in a committee composed of students, faculty, and alumni designed to holistically change the department to one that is explicitly anti-racist in all areas. Initiated by Master of Social Work (MSW) students, the committee called SW Heals (Social Workers Honoring Education with Anti-Racist Learning Standards) began in 2020. Some major contributions from the committee include a complete evaluation and overhaul of our curriculum, a revision of our mission statement, and implementation of an alumni-led anti-racist training program.

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C205 (C-Level)
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