Order Your Cap, Gown, and other Graduate Attire

The deadline to order your cap and gown through Jostens has now passed.

A cap and gown is required for crossing the stage.

If you have not yet ordered a cap and gown, please look into purchasing through the following sources:

GradShop.com (Best option for Master's Degree students; see below for more details)




For Master's Degree students, you will want to purchase a hood with a velvet that ties into your academic major. GradShop.com allows this; the other options may offer it, depending on when you order. When customizing a hood, you will be asked to provide the Lining, Chevron, and Velvet colors.

 The Lining color to use is Dark Blue. 

The Chevron color to use is White.

The Velvet color to use is based on your academic major, listed below.

  • Master of Arts in Applied Theatre - Brown
  • Master of Arts in Disability Studies - White
  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies - White
  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Gold
  • Master of Arts in Youth Studies – Peacock Blue
  • Master of Science in Business Management and Leadership - Drab
  • Master of Science in Data Science – Science Gold
  • Master of Science in Disability Services in Higher Education - Light Blue
  • Master of Science in Health Information Management – Sage Green
  • Master of Science in Nursing Education - Apricot
  • Master of Science in Nursing Informatics - Apricot
  • Master of Science in Nursing Organizational Leadership - Apricot
  • Master of Science in Research Administration and Compliance – Peacock Blue

A La Carte Add-ons

You can also choose to purchase other items in addition to your regalia

Custom tassels and mini keychain tassels are available.

Diploma frames, with or without tassel holders.

Class rings can be designed and purchased. 

Honor Cords

Academic honors at CUNY are designated for bachelor's degree students only, based on the GPAs listed below. Students who are determined to have earned academic honors and who are attending the ceremony will be provided their honor cords on site the day of the ceremony. 

For students who are graduating at the end of the spring semester, academic honors are estimated based on the GPA at the beginning of the spring semester. Academic honors are confirmed once all final grades have been submitted.

Students who have been part of the ACE Scholars, Petrie Nurse Scholars, Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, or who have confirmed their military veteran/active duty status with the School will also be provided with honor cords at the ceremony reflecting those affiliations.

Summa Cum Laude
3.85 - 4.0 GPA

Magna Cum Laude
3.75 - 3.84 GPA

Cum Laude
3.5 - 3.74 GPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about caps, gowns, and what you can wear to the graduation ceremony. If something isn't covered below, please let us know at commencement@sps.cuny.edu, as we may use your query to update the FAQs.

1. I can't afford the cost of the cap and gown. Does that mean I can't participate in the ceremony?

No, not at all. Please email commencement@sps.cuny.edu to discuss your options.

2. I use a wheelchair. Is there a specific gown I should wear?

You can choose to wear a traditional gown, or a gown that is open at the back. To order an open-backed gown, please call Jostens directly at 800-854-7464.

3. I already bought my cap and gown from a different vendor. Can I wear that to the graduation ceremony?

Yes, as long as the cap and gown are black, you are welcome to bring a cap and gown that you already own.

4. What's the difference between a bachelor's gown and a master's gown?

The primary difference is found in the sleeves. A bachelor's gown sleeve is cut straight across at the bottom, while the sleeve of a master's gown has an rectangular section of fabric that extends from the hem.

5. I'm a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). Can I wear the NSLS stole or medallion at graduation?

Yes, absolutely! You are welcome to wear the stole and/or medallion at graduation. If you are a master's degree student, keep in mind that the stole should be put on underneath your master's hood.

6. What's the correct way to wear a hood?

This is a question we receive often. This video can help to explain how the hood should be worn.

7. Can I iron my gown?

If you want to iron your gown, you must be sure that you turn it inside out first, and only use an iron on the warm (not hot) setting. Using the hot setting will damage the gown. You can also use steam to get rid of the wrinkles.