Promoting Universal Design for All Aspects of Instruction: What do Faculty Need to Know?
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM
UDL is often promoted as a potential framework for promoting inclusive pedagogy that makes learning more inclusive for everyone, including students with disabilities. Many IT departments promote the procurement, development, and use of accessible technology. And those in charge of facilities design ADA-compliant spaces. Considering these three often separate but overlapping areas of effort, participants in this session will be guided through a process for fleshing out a framework—that includes scope, definition, guidelines, practices, and processes—into a toolkit relevant to the design of broadly accessible and inclusive learning opportunities that address the design of curriculum, pedagogy, multimedia, technology, and physical spaces. Participants will explore how this framework can support their institution’s vision and values, consider existing practices (with respect to stakeholder roles, funding, policies, procedures, training, etc.), design new practices, and measure outcomes and impact with respect to the institution’s vision and values. Participants will be encouraged to consider how this approach can integrate with professional development for faculty as well as their diversity, equity and inclusion plans. The session topic demonstrates how administrators, faculty, and staff who employ UDL practices can extend impact to address the design of all learning opportunities the institution has to offer.
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