Disability Nuance - Understanding Composites and Complexities for Optimal ADA Compliance
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
No student with learning and other cognitive differences is a textbook case. Homogenized diagnoses are rare, if they exist at all, as students are people who may have composites and formes frustes of various differences and diagnoses, not all of which can have supportive documentation. The possible impact of discrete conditions and their totality on learning and functioning is unique to the individual student. Comprehensive compliance with ADA translates to being aware of all components and then providing reasonable accommodations which are tailored for the attainment of parity for academics and other aspects of student life. Disability professionals cannot assume that students who have a similar diagnosis have the same challenges and therefore should receive the same accommodations. The foundation for ADA compliance tailoring starts with the diagnosis, but student engagement and finding out student needs from the student, not just the diagnosis after testing, is critical for student success. This presentation will address how the lack of awareness and routine assumptions may preclude the provision of the full gamut of accommodation when working with students who have an array of learning and cognitive differences, with not all differences at the forefront. Physical disability nuance will be addressed, too.
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